Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Meat-Free McDonald’s to Open in India

McDonald's, the world-wide leader in burger-based foods, announced today plans to open its first all-vegetarian restaurant in the northern Indian city of Amritsar.
The fast food chain — second only to Subway in number of global outlets — has just over 270 branches in the South Asian country, and is hoping to appeal to a wider audience by catering to local diets.
"There is a big opportunity for vegetarian restaurants as many Indians are vegetarian," a McDonald's spokesman told AFP.

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Why do men have nipples? That strange bodily question has baffled so many that it even has become the title of a book by Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg. Interestingly, solving this puzzle has more to do with understanding your embryonic development than your evolutionary past.
Click the link below and watch the video above to get to know your nipples. And don't forgot to sound off in the comments section below. Come on, talk nerdy to me!
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Peruvian Woman Cuts Off Boyfriend—Literally

You've been warned: You will wince while reading this. A Peruvian woman reportedly cut her boyfriend's penis off while he slept, then flushed it down the toilet. While staying at a hostel in Brena, Peru, 41-year-old Julia Munoz Huaman retrieved a kitchen knife and performed her own surgery on 46-year-old Ramon Arias Apaico. Huaman stopped by hostel staff members as she attempted to flee.

Louisiana High School Sends Out "White Graduates Only" Reunion Party Invitation

Sadly, it looks like not much has changed for the St. Martinville Senior High School Class of 1973. Graduates of the St. Martinville, LA, school planned to desegregate their reunion for the very first time this year, but a mistake on the invitation still reads "white graduates only." ABC News says that someone sent out an invitation that included last year's unedited wording.
As you can see, the invitation mentions a September 21 “after game get together: (white graduates only).” A party for "all graduates" from the Class of '73 is also mentioned on the invitation. The school has had segregated events in the past, but recent classes want to erase that memory. Regardless, it's a shame that there is still desegregation work to be done in 2012.
(Source: Complex Mag)

One of the Sexy Vegas Co-Eds Prince Harry Made Out With Was a 40-Year-Old Woman

It's a pretty safe bet that Prince Harry has some regrets about his recent Fear and No Clothing in Las Vegas romp.
He probably regrets letting himself be photographed giving a girl a naked bear hug.
He probably regrets not removing his jeans before racing Ryan Lochte in a pool, because there is literally nothing heavier in the world than wet jeans.
He probably regrets getting his security team in trouble, or maybe just hiring an incompetent security team in the first place.
Harry's biggest regret, though, is likely a bit of news that has only just come to light: That 32-year-old "licensed esthetician" he made out with?
Turns out she's 40, dude, haha gross.

Colorado Homeowner Receives Bomb Threat After Hanging Up on Telemarketer

Police in Mead, CO, were forced to evacuate residents after a sensitive telemarketer threatened to blow up the home of a customer who hung up on him. The telemarketer was allegedly explaining to the man that he had won some money, but the homeowner was not the least bit interested. The telemarketer then called the man back and got "pretty rude," explaining that he had placed a bomb inside of his house.
The homeowner reached out to the police, who evacuated the area, but found no trace of a bomb in his home. He believes the call came from overseas, due to the telemarketers thick accent. Local law enforcement said that if this is true, the FBI will be contacted. In the meantime, this will not make telemarketers any more popular.
(Source: Complex Mag)

Before Proposing to Girlfriend, Man Fakes His Own Death to Show Her How Meaningless Life Would Be Without Him

A wealthy Russian businessman who wanted to propose to his girlfriend decided to test her love for him before popping the question — by faking his own death.
After working with a stuntman, a make-up artist, a screenwriter, and a directer to stage a phony car crash, 30-year-old Alexey Bykov of Omsk told Irina Kolokov to meet him at a certain place at a certain time so she could witness the accident.
"When I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke, and carnage,"Kolokov told Russian media. "Then when I saw Alexey covered in blood lying in the road a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears."
With his mission accomplished, Bykov rose from the dead and proposed to his stunned partner while drenched in "blood." Kolokov said she contemplated killing him "for real this time," but decided to agree to marry the lunatic instead.
"I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me," Bykov said. "I think it worked but I promise it's the last time."
[photo via Sina News]
(Source: Gawker)